The Lean Solutions Podcast: Scrum and Lean Construction with Felipe Engineer

This week I’m speaking with Felipe Engineer, a registered Scrum master and trainer. Felipe also leads the Lean construction program at McCarthy Building Companies and is the CEO and podcast host of the EBFC Show, which is dedicated to Lean construction.

In this episode, Felipe and I go into detail about integrating Lean into construction. We also talk about Scrum, what it is and how Scrum can be used when you’re in the construction industry.

What You’ll Learn This Episode:

  • The importance of Lean in construction
  • Felipe’s podcast, The EBFC show
  • What is Scrum
  • How you can use Scrum in design and construction
  • Lean tools and techniques that are used on a construction site
  • The argument that Lean is too academic
  • How you can start improving your work today

About the Guest:

Felipe leads the Lean Construction program for McCarthy Building Companies, Inc. Engineer-Manriquez is also the CEO and Host of The EBFC Show. The Easier, Better, for Construction Show allows people to make building easier and better share how. As a Registered Scrum Trainer™ (RST) endorsed by Dr. Jeff Sutherland, Felipe also co-created the Design and Construction Registered Scrum Master™ (RSM) curriculum with the Agile Education Program team. It enables RSM graduates to deliver construction project value and earn recognition in the International Registry of Agile Professionals™.

Engineer-Manriquez is an active contributing member of the Lean Construction Institute (LCI) and is an approved instructor/facilitator and 2019 LCI Chairman’s Award recipient for contributions to the Institute and the design and construction industry as a whole.

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