The Lean Solutions Podcast: Stay Flowcused With Stéfany Oliver

In this episode, Stéfany Oliver and I discuss their Lean coaching journey, 'Staying Flowcused', and how wellness ties into Lean leadership.

What You'll Learn:

1. How did you get into Lean coaching?

2. What are your current areas of focus?

3. Tell us more about your concept of Staying Flowcused and what it entails?

4. Bringing it back to Lean and leadership for a moment, tell me more about the links between wellness and Lean leadership?

5. What's next for you?

About the Guest:  Stéfany is driven by her passion for helping people who feel overwhelmed. She's on a mission to help people find flow: in their work, in their kitchen and in their heart. She lives and teaches the manifesto of being Fueled by plants, Fueled by perspective and Fueled by prayer. She's a Lean Management Coach by trade but didn't start off her professional career that way. Over the years, she's been coming into the full expression of who God has created her to be as a food creator, speaker, cookbook author and inspirational storyteller. She’s also been building her own health, wellness and optimization coaching business.


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