The Lean Solutions Podcast: Success at Kaizen Events with Mike Leigh

This week I’m speaking with Mike Leigh, who is the President of OpX Solutions, a performance improvement company that helps manufacturers remove the barriers that prevent them from achieving their goals by developing leaders and improving processes.

In this episode we talk about Kaizen events, including why they are important and how to ensure that the outcome of the event is successful.

What You’ll Learn This Episode:

  • What are Kaizen events and what is their purpose
  • How to define success at a Kaizen event
  • The main factors that influence success and how to determine them
  • How to hold a successful Kaizen event
  • Having the right mindset during a Kaizen event
  • Inviting leaders to participate in Kaizen events

About the Guest:

Mike Leigh started OpX Solutions to help manufacturers and other organizations be more successful.

Prior to starting his company, Mike had a 13-year manufacturing career where he held a variety of operational supply chain leadership roles. Prior to that, he served in the US Navy as a surface warfare officer where he specialized in nuclear propulsion, and later retired as a Commander in the reserves.

Additionally, Mike writes a monthly article on business operations for Valley Business FRONT magazine, was recognized as the Virginia Small Business Veteran of the Year by the state SBDC organization, and his business is currently the #1 franchise in the Americas with Leadership Management International.

When not working, Mike enjoys hiking, traveling, and following the Green Bay Packers.

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