The Lean Solutions Podcast: Sustainability: Clear Benefits With Adam Lawrence

In this episode, Adam Lawrence and I discuss the Wheel of Sustainability and its elements.

What You'll Learn:

1. Which element of the Wheel of Sustainability do you find most challenging for your Kaizen teams to engage with and why?

2. How do you help your Kaizen teams deal with this element (Clear Benefits)

3. What are you trying to accomplish with this element during a Kaizen event?

4. Do you have some stories how using this element of the Wheel of Sustainability helped avert or avoid problems?

5. How does Leadership Commitment support and work with this element?

About the Guest: 

Adam Lawrence is the Managing Partner of Process Improvement Partners, LLC. He has 30+ years of experience in process improvement activities, targeted at manufacturing and business processes. Having facilitated 300+ Kaizen events in multiple industries around the world, Adam aligns with leadership, engages teams, and creates sustainable results. Adam is also the author of The Wheel of Sustainability.  


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