The Lean Solutions Podcast: The Danaher Business System With Mark Deluzio

In this episode, Mark Deluzio and I discuss the Danaher business system, as well as the art of Lean Transformation.

What You’ll Learn:

  1. Why do Lean Transformations fail?
  2. Could you explain the importance of having a business strategy and the ability to deploy/execute the strategy.
  3. What made the Danaher Business System so successful?
  4. As the “Father of Lean Accounting,” how important is it to change the accounting systems when embarking on a Lean Transformation?
  5. What role does Respect for People play in the success of a Lean Transformation

About the Guest:

Mark DeLuzio is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Lean Horizons Consulting. He is also a former Corporate Officer and Vice President of Danaher Business System (DBS) for Danaher Corporation.

Danaher has been recognized as the leading implementer of Lean globally and has been rated as the 3rd most profitable US stock over the last 30 years. Mark is also credited with developing the first Lean Accounting process in the United States for Danaher’s Jake Brake Division, where he served as their Chief Financial Officer. Mark is the author of “Turn Waste into Wealth,” which offers practical advice for those considering a Lean transformation and “Flatlined – Why Lean Transformations Fail and What to do About It”, which offers the lessons learned from Mark’s association with hundreds of Lean transformations on a global basis.


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