The Lean Solutions Podcast: The Importance Of Standard Work In The Digital Age With Tom Hughes

In this episode, Tom Hughes and I discuss the extensive experience Tom has gained helping hundreds of organizations across the world do standard work / digital work instructions better with his software product GembaDocs.

What You’ll Learn:

1. How did the whole GembaDocs thing happen?

2. How can you say it’s a Game Changer? That’s a pretty big claim!

3. Why is OWNERSHIP so important with Standards?

4. Why / how can we implement standards in a more intelligent way?

5. Improvement Starts With I ; GembaDocs – how do people access them?

About the Guest:

Tom Hughes is an Ireland-based entrepreneur and the author of “Improvement Starts With I.” He is the creator of GembaDocs, a software company that assists businesses in creating quick, simple, and digital standard work practices. Tom is currently a partner in Lumen Electronics, an Irish business that develops and manufactures products.


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