The Lean Solutions Podcast: The Problem of Classical Management with Bob Emiliani

In this episode, Bob Emiliani and I discuss the problem of classical management.

What You’ll Learn:

  1. What is classical management?
  2. You put together an A3 and challenged lean practitioners. Can you tell our listeners what is an A3?
  3. What were the root cause results of the A3 investigation?
  4. What are your suggested solutions?
  5. Any new books in your future?

About the Guest:

Dr. Bob Emiliani has been a Lean practitioner and professor of Lean management for over 25 years.

Prior joining academia, he worked in industry for 15 years and had management responsibility in engineering, manufacturing, and supply chain management. He was the first academic to establish a research agenda focused on Lean leadership, resulting in numerous publications and varied leadership development workshops. His work on Lean leadership and Lean as applied to higher education are widely recognized.


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