The Lean Solutions Podcast: The Wheel Of Sustainability: Accountability

What You’ll Learn:

In this episode, hosts Andy Olrich and Shayne Daughenbaugh discuss The Wheel of Sustainability – a transformative framework to enhance your leadership commitment and empower teams for enduring success, as well as ideal leadership development, its impact on profitability, organizational support structures, and strategies for sustaining leader empowerment.

About the Guest: 

The creator of “The Wheel of Sustainability,” Adam Lawrence is an industry expert, speaker, and author who directly works with and empowers teams to sustainably solve critical business problems. Adam coaches, mentors, and facilitates leaders and teams to deliver sustainable, breakthrough business results. Adam founded Process Improvement Partners LLC in 2018. He has 35+ years of process improvement experience helping businesses in manufacturing, distribution, and service industries. Based in Lancaster PA with his wife and son, Adam is ready to help you and your team anywhere in the world.


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