The Lean Solutions Podcast: Unleashing the Power of Continuous Learning: The Lean Solutions Summit

What You’ll Learn:
In this episode, hosts Patrick Adams and Andy Olrich discuss the importance of continuous learning in Lean and improvement cultures, discussing the upcoming Lean Solutions Summit with TED-like presentations and
team-building excursions. 
 They invite listeners to attend the summit, highlighting
discounted pricing for groups and students, and discuss various team-building activities and tours aimed at promoting positive change and improvement.
About the Guest: 
Andy Olrich brings over 25 years of expertise in
engineering trades, services, manufacturing, mining and logistics processes and support. With qualifications in Continuous Improvement and LEAN Six Sigma, he
is also a Certified Scrum Master. Andy finds fulfillment in witnessing the positive outcomes that result from teams collaboratively working towards shared and individual goals.
Patrick Adams is an internationally recognized
leadership coach, consultant and professional speaker. He is best known for his unique human approach to sound team building practices, creating consensus and enabling empowerment.Patrick has been delivering bottom-line results through specialized process improvement solutions for over 20 years. He’s worked with all types of businesses from private, non-profit, government, and manufacturing
ranging from small business to billion-dollar corporations. Patrick is an Author of the best selling book, Avoiding the Continuous Appearance Trap.
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