The Lean Solutions Podcast — Value Analysis & Value Engineering with Valorie Hendrix

On this week’s episode, I’m talking with Valorie Hendrix, the owner and consultant of Dynamic Empire Consulting. Valorie has over five years of working in different areas of project management, including cost reduction, Value Engineering, quality management, and Lean and Six Sigma.

During this episode, Valorie and I talk about Value Engineering and Value Analysis, what it is and how you can integrate it into your organization.

What You’ll Learn This Episode:

  • What is VA/VE
  • How your organization can get value in using VA/VE
  • When to use VA/VE in your product development
  • Can VA/VE be used with services?
  • The tools and templates needed to work with VA/VE
  • Using a tool set to identify waste within process
  • When a business should implement VA/VE on their Lean journey
  • Resources for VA/VE methodology
  • Why Valorie wrote her book and how she started with VA/VE

About the Guest:

While finishing up the senior year of her undergraduate degree for Business Administration, Valorie Hendrix discovered Lean Six Sigma and Toyota Production System in her operations management class. After reading the chapter for continuous improvement, she knew this is what she was going to do to make a contribution to society.

After graduating with her undergraduate degree, Valorie spent 10 years in Aluminum Boat Manufacturing. Starting as an accountant, she learned about the cost. During the 2008 Recession, she became a VA/VE engineer to help reduce costs and create higher functions so products would be more attractive to customers during this harsh time. Valorie completed her MBA from Webster University, the same time that the recession was ending. Allowing for more opportunities for more positions within the organization to open up. She then worked in Quality Assurance and Control and Lean Six Sigma Engineer until making the leap to become a business owner.

Valorie is also the author of Streamlining Function and Value.

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