The Lean Solutions Podcast: Why Does Lean Fail?

What You’ll Learn:

In this episode, hosts Patrick Adams and Catherine McDonald discuss a common problem in organizations which leads to misguided initiatives and wasted resources: fake lean people.

Fake lean individuals falsely claim to adhere to lean principles, adopting superficial aspects without a genuine commitment to continuous improvement. On the other hand, real lean individuals actively embrace and implement lean methodologies, fostering a culture of efficiency, waste reduction, and continuous improvement that contributes to the organization's success.

About the Guest:  With 30 years of experience, Dr. Bob Emiliani is a progressive management practitioner and researcher, having held leadership roles in engineering, manufacturing, and supply chain management during his 15-year industry tenure. As a pivotal member of the Pratt & Whitney team, he contributed to implementing Toyota Production System (TPS) principles in both manufacturing and supply chains. Transitioning to academia, Bob spent 23 years as a full-time professor and is now Professor Emeritus, renowned for pioneering Lean leadership research, with 28 books and numerous publications spanning diverse disciplines, earning him recognition as a prolific and award-winning writer.


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