The New England Lean Podcast — S2 2: Fall Down 7 times; Get Up 8 with Katie Anderson

This week welcome Katie Anderson BACK to the show!

​​For our first repeat guest episode, Katie and I talk about her book Learning to LEAD, Leading to LEARN; what the last year has been like for both of us, and what we’re both up to now.

We will be recording our podcast live at the upcoming GBMP conference, as well as live-streaming, so please take a moment and subscribe to our social media channels so you can join in!

Katie likewise has very exciting news to share: she is hosting her second round of Leading to Learn Accelerator! Coming up in mid-October, it lasts 10 weeks. Part book study, part facilitated course, part group coaching … take the lessons off the page and into your life.

DON’T FORGET: Listeners of this podcast can use a special promo code for $100 off registration – code is in the podcast, so you have to listen!

As always – I hope you enjoy it, and I hope you get something from it! Make it a great week!

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