Chain of Learning: 9 | 8 Essential Skills to Become a Transformational Change KATALYST

Move from Technical Expert to Influential Leader

Do you want to move beyond being a tools or process improvement project “doer” or technical expert to a transformational change leader?  

Have you wanted to step into greater influence and impact in your organization?

Or perhaps you’re a leader seeking to create broader organizational change but don’t quite know how?

Leading transformational change to create a high-performing culture requires you to pair your technical expertise with social and relational skills that will enable you to catalyze change and accelerate the rate of learning in your organization.

In this episode we’ll explore the importance of your role as a transformational change agent and how you can step into greater impact by growing your leadership skills with my framework – the KATALYST™ model.

“Katalyst” is a mix of the words “catalyst” and “kata” – it is someone who accelerates the rate of learning for organizational progress.

Hit play to discover how you can step into your impact as a transformational leader and bridge the gap between where you are today and becoming an influential change Katalyst ™ in your organization.

 You’ll Learn:

  • The 8 leadership competencies in the KATALYST™ model  
  • The difference between Catalyst versus “Katalyst”™
  • The definition of “kata” as routines that support problem-solving and coaching for improvement
  • How to move from technical expert to influential leader
  • How to get your senior team to buy into the vision for a people-centered learning organization and invest the time and effort to get there

If you want to increase your influence and realize your vision of a thriving people-centered learning organization, you won’t want to miss this episode. Tune in now!

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2:05: The Change KATALYST™ model

3:12: Transition from a Practitioner to a Change Leader

6:28: The Inspiration of “kata”

7:11: The impact of implementing KATALYST™ model

9:38:  K – Knowledgeable Business Expert 

13:39: A – Analytical Systems Thinker

18:19: T – Tactical Strategic Aligner

22:11: A – Astute Political Navigator

25:03: L – Lifelong Learning Enthusiast 

27:42: Y – Yes-Minded Persuader 

31:29: S – Skillful Facilitator 

34:48: T – Transformational Coaching Leader