Habitual Excellence — 39: Skip Steward on the Baptist Management System

Show notes and links: https://www.valuecapturellc.com/HE39

Welcome to Episode #39 ofHabitual Excellence, presented by Value Capture.

Our guest today is Skip Steward, MBA, the Vice President and Chief Improvement Officer at Baptist Memorial Health Care. He is a co-author of the book Creating an Effective Management System: Integrating Policy Deployment, TWI, and Kata, with Patrick Graup and Brad Parsons. He’s also one of the hosts of the “Connecting the Dots” podcast, along with two physician leaders from Baptist.

In today’s episode, host Mark Graban asks Skip about topics including:

  • Tell us about the health system, your role, and your background
  • What is the Baptist Management System? What are the origins?
  • What was the “model cell” site?
  • How did you create “macro pull” from other sites then?
  • Why and how did they stop being “infatuated with tools” and move on to understanding the “socio-technical” systems of Lean?
  • What was the role of the CEO at that model site hospital?
  • Why is it important to have a “safe space” for “mental wrestling” and discussion?
  • What have you learned about engaging physicians?