Habitual Excellence — 2: Ken Segel Asks “What Can Leaders Learn? What Can Leaders Do?”

Blog post and transcript for this episode: http://www.valuecapturellc.com/he2

In today’s episode, Ken Segel, co-founder and managing director of Value Capture, reads a blog post that he published recently. It’s a thought provoking call to action for leaders in healthcare (and beyond).

The blog post begins:

“For years before COVID-19, our industry accounted for the largest number of injuries and illnesses related to work of any in the United States. The scale of COVID harm to our teams as well as our patients has been greater because of our pre-existing weaknesses when it comes to safety and improvement.

Now, in this extraordinary moment, the forces and inspiration for change have been unleashed. Clinicians and other healthcare workers on the front lines have demanded their safety and responded urgently and cooperatively to figure out what works for patients, and how to keep themselves safe. They have blown past awkward and unclear top-down edicts and institutional boundaries to share and seek learnings. They have shown that what really matters is what happens at the point of care, between human beings. Leaders with humility and strength can seize this moment to help shape much better futures for their institutions in a post-COVID world.

As the immediate threat of the first wave recedes in a community, leaders can help their organizations leap ahead if cultural healing is fed by a new determination and discipline toward the habits of excellence, anchored by safety. The tag I’ve been using on social media posts during this time – “Leadership for COVID-19, Leadership Past COVID-19” – tries to capture this sense. Of course, there are not bright demarcations to a post-COVID period. Change starts now.”