Habitual Excellence — 43: Habitual Excellence Starts with Safety: Before, During, and After a Crisis [Webinar Recording]

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Please listen to Ken Segel, Value Capture CEO, and Michael Bundy, Chief Executive Officer of Prisma Health Baptist Hospital and Prisma Health Baptist Parkridge Hospital, as they explore how leading with the goal of perfect safety for all propelled Prisma Health Baptist Parkridge Hospital to achieve status as a Leapfrog Top General Hospital in just two years. Also joining the discussion is Missy Danforth, Vice President of Health Care Ratings for The Leapfrog Group. She will provide an overview of the Leapfrog Hospital Survey and the Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade.

Long an advocate of Paul O’Neill’s standard of perfect safety, Bundy incorporated the following premises as the foundation for leading his hospitals toward habitual excellence, aligned with Prisma Health’s impressive journey to transform the healthcare experience for our patients and their families:

  • Safety, for your teams as well as your patients, is the best leading indicator for your business; and,
  • Safety has to be a PRECONDITION to all other work, not a “priority” to trade-off for other priorities, including, and perhaps especially, in crisis.

While the external recognition of being named a Top General Hospital is important and serves to validate the work so far, the Prisma Health vision for Bundy’s hospitals and others is to go far deeper and broader – they will become a national model of excellence in patient care, workforce performance and engagement, and community service.

In this 60-minute webinar, you will learn:

  • How and why perfect safety/zero harm for all is a powerful aligning force to energize leaders and staff toward habitual excellence;
  • How the changes in daily work, structures, and mindset lead to a culture of learning, continual aspiration, and innovation; and,
  • How the focus and work toward perfect safety pre-COVID helped guide thinking and problem solving during COVID, and guide learning for post-COVID

This webinar took place on May 27, 2021. Mark Graban, Value Capture Senior Advisor, served as the host and Ken Segel served as the moderator. Missy Danforth briefly discussed the Leapfrog Hospital Survey, which focuses on quality and patient safety measures that are of utmost importance to purchasers and patients, and the Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade, which is a composite made up of 27 publicly reported measures of patient safety, and answer related questions.