Habitual Excellence — 46: Ken Segel on the Shingo Principle of “Create Constancy of Purpose”

Show notes and links: http://valuecapturellc.com/he46

Welcome to Episode #46 of Habitual Excellence, presented by Value Capture.

Today’s episode is a video essay from Ken Segel, the CEO of Value Capture. Ken talks about the importance of the “Shingo Principles,” starting with creating “constancy of purpose.” What is a principle? Why are they timeless and universal? Ken talks about that and more in the audio and video versions of this episode.

“CreateConstancy ofPurpose is defined as an unwavering understanding of why the organization exists, where it is going, and how it will get there.”

Value Capture is very honored to be a Licensed Affiliate of the Shingo Institute. As the only affiliate focused on healthcare, Value Capture has bolstered its proven, principles-based framework to help healthcare leaders guide their organizations toward operational excellence.

Here is Ken’s HBR article that he mentioned in the episode: Health Care Workers Protect Us. It’s Time to Protect Them.