Habitual Excellence — 51: Dr. Fred Pinto on Lean Leadership, Improving Cancer Care in Brazil

Oncologist, CEO of Grupo IOV

Show notes: https://www.valuecapturellc.com/HE51

In today’s episode, we’re joined by Carlos Frederico (“Fred”) Pinto, MD, MA. He’s an oncologist and he’s the CEO of Groupo, IOV, an oncology group of caregivers in Brazil. I’ve seen him speak at conferences in the U.S. and Brazil, and he always has something insightful to share — including today!

In the episode, Fred discusses the following:

  • His whitepaper that we mention
  • Tell us about Grupo IOV and your role?
  • How did you first get introduced to Lean?
  • First small experiments? “Big impact”
  • Don’t wait for the CEO? Are they supportive, neutral or negative?
  • Your role in creating the culture?
  • The role of the “chief architect” for Lean?
  • Tiered huddles participation – what gets escalated?
  • Key behaviors? “Be patient,” make sure you’ve established a clear vision
  • Improving cancer treatment?
  • How much improvement comes from projects or daily management?
  • What does Lean Culture mean to you? Respect for people?
  • The importance of error proofing
  • COVID challenges?