Habitual Excellence — 58: Liz Long and Dr. John Anderson: Transforming Primary Care and Lean Management

Welcome to Episode #58 of Habitual Excellence, presented by Value Capture.

Notes, video, transcript, and more: https://www.valuecapturellc.com/he58

In today’s episode, our guests are John B. Anderson, Jr., MD, MPH, the Chief Medical Officer for Duke Primary Care, part of the Duke University Health System, and Elizabeth Long, their Chief Operating Officer.

In the episode, Liz and John discuss an overarching theme of Transforming Primary Care — through Lean management practices and continuous improvement, with our host, Mark Graban. Topics and questions include:

  • Liz and John’s professional backgrounds
  • Tell us about your organization’s Improvement journey — how they started and why?
  • What is the focus on improvement in primary care?
  • Teamwork and collaboration across sites? More broadly? How to encourage this?
  • Why did your focus shift to a management system?
  • Creating the culture of quality and continuous improvement
  • A3 problem solving – as a method for continuous improvement?
  • Morning huddles, tiered huddles?
  • Benefits & results?
  • Lessons learned?