Habitual Excellence — 63: Paul H. O’Neill Sr.: A Podcast From 2011 on Safety, Leadership, and More

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Welcome to Episode #63 of Habitual Excellence, presented by Value Capture.

Today brings us a special episode, where we have an opportunity to revisit Mark Graban‘s interview of our original non-executive chairman, Paul H. O’Neill, Sr. This interview originally appeared in the Lean Blog Interviews podcast back in July 2011.

In the discussion, Mr. O’Neill shared his thoughts on patient safety and healthcare, including his time spent as the Chair of thePittsburgh Regional Health Initiativeand his work withDr. Richard Shannonin dramatically reducing hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) to their “theoretical limit” of zero harm. Mr. O’Neill talks about the leadership required to have such an impact on safety and quality, drawing on lessons from his years as Alcoa’s CEO.

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