Habitual Excellence — 68: Jeff Hunter on Managing Strategy with Focus and Agility

Episode page: https://valuecapturellc.com/he68

Joining us today as our guest is Jeff Hunter, the President of Jeff Hunter Strategy.

He is the author of Patient-Centered Strategy: A Learning System for Better Care, published by Catalysis in 2018.

Jeff is on the faculty of Catalysis, and the Donald J. Schneider School of Business and Economics at St. Norbert College.

From 1991 until his retirement in 2015 he was the Senior Vice President, Strategy and Marketing for ThedaCare, a healthcare system based in Appleton, Wisconsin.

Jeff received his B.S. inEconomics from the University of Detroit and his M.A. in HealthServices Administration from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

In today’s episode, Jeff talks with host Mark Graban, about topics and questions including:

  • As we shift to a new mode of the pandemic — living with Covid — What are you hearing from healthcare leaders about what’s required next?
  • Hearing a lot of “Thank God I had the Lean management system” for the pandemic – discipline, standard work
  • How do you define strategy? Not just a binder…
  • Strategy plan vs. strategy?
  • Differentiation — what differentiates us? Not imitating
  • From budgeting to financial forecasting (beyond budgeting)
  • Strategy plan or hypothesis? – PDSA cycles — Roadmap or GPS?
  • Strategy formulation and strategy deployment??
  • Lot of choices that have to be made? How to make better choices? Better choices more quickly?
  • How do you define a management system, a strategic management system? What makes it really work?
  • Reinvigorating the management system, but learning from the first time

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