Habitual Excellence — 78: Preview: Getting to Zero Harm for Patients & Staff with DEIA and Psychological Safety Concepts

Deondra Wardelle and Mark Graban discuss the ongoing blog series and upcoming panel discussion webinar on the theme of “Getting to Zero Harm for Patients with DEIA and Psychological Safety.

They share what sparked the #RootCauseRacism® collaboration with Value Capture, LLC.

They also discuss the power of connecting Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA) to Psychological Safety as a way to promote health equity and offer countermeasures that improve patient and staff safety.

Blog series: https://www.valuecapturellc.com/blog/tag/rootcauseracism

Webinar registration (for the live event or recording): https://www.valuecapturellc.com/webinar-panel-zero-harm-patients-staff-deia-psychological-safety