Habitual Excellence — Innovating Children’s Healthcare: Strategies and Successes with Dr. Marc Gorelick

In this episode of “Habitual Excellence,” Ken Segel, CEO of Value Capture, interviews Dr. Marc Gorelick, the CEO of Children's Minnesota. Dr. Gorelick shares his journey to becoming a leader in pediatric healthcare, highlighting his background as a pediatric emergency medicine physician and his motivation to impact more children's lives. Throughout his career, Dr. Gorelick has focused on improving clinical effectiveness and system-wide care, aiming to create better health outcomes for children.
Under his leadership, Children's Minnesota has prioritized building core capabilities in diversity, equity, inclusion, and continuous improvement. These initiatives have been crucial in responding to the rapidly changing healthcare environment, especially during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Gorelick shares insights into the organization's strategic planning process, focusing on creating a flexible and nimble system that can adapt to future challenges.
The conversation highlights the importance of leadership in driving transformational change in healthcare and the ongoing efforts at Children's Minnesota to provide the best possible care for children.