Habitual Excellence — Learn How to Reduce Nursing Turnover and Attrition in Healthcare — Free Webinar

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Nursing turnover is very likely costing your organization millions of dollars. But you don’t have to just accept that… you can fix it.

I’m happy to be moderating a webinar that is being hosted by Value Capture, presented by two leaders from Duke Health who have reduced nursing attrition from 75% to 18% (annualized rates) in just over a year.

Using a Rapid-Cycle Learning System to Tackle Turnover & Attrition

It comes down to leadership.

Duke HomeCare & Hospice reduced nursing turnover from 75% to 18% in one year’s time.

The same principles and systems they used can work in ANY type of healthcare setting!

Join us for a free webinar on December 6th, presented by Cooper Linton and Janet Burgess, two leaders from that organization.

How did they reduce nursing attrition? How did their teams do this?

  1. They worked hard to understand the current condition, instead of jumping to solutions
  2. Leaders changed their behaviors to quickly respond to staff needs, remove barriers, and coach them on problem-solving (instead of having all the solutions themselves)
  3. Their tiered huddle management system, with a focus on psychological safety making it safe for them to raise issues so safety problems and other issues could be solved
  4. Leaders were willing to shed traditional leadership methods, to experiment, iterate and be perpetual learners.

Now you can learn from them – their process and their results.

Join us Tuesday December 6th from 1 to 2 pm eastern – it’s free… join us live or we’ll send you the recording.