Habitual Excellence – Lisa Beckwith on the Relationship Between the Shingo Principles “Respect Every Individual” and “Focus on Process”

Show notes: https://www.valuecapturellc.com/he55

Welcome to Episode #55 of Habitual Excellence, presented by Value Capture.

In today’s episode, our guest is Lisa Beckwith, a Senior Advisor with Value Capture. In this episode, Lisa explains the two Shingo Guiding Principles, “Respect Every Individual” and “Focus on Process,” and the relationship between them.

You can watch a video or listen to the podcast. A full transcript also follows.

  • The Power of Principles
  • Respect Every Individual – Why is it Important for Excellence?
  • An Example of a Leader Modeling Respectful Behaviors
  • Ignoring the Principles
  • What Can Leaders Do?
  • How “Focus on Process” Drives Respect into the Organization
  • Focus on Process Brings Clearer Vision and Understanding
  • Grasp the Current Condition
  • Engaging and Improving Via the Management System