Lean Blog — 484: Keith Ingels on Developing Your People and Making Lean / TPS Your Own

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My guest for Episode #484 of the Lean Blog Interviews Podcast is Keith Ingels, who previously joined us in Episode 390. He’s the RLM Manager of Solutions & Support Centers — RLM being the Raymond Lean Management system.

He was also a guest with me for Episode 62 of “My Favorite Mistake.” His story and insights were also featured in Chapter 8 of my book, The Mistakes That Make Us: Cultivating a Culture of Learning and Innovation.

In today’s episode, we discuss how the Raymond Corporation makes Lean / TPS their own management system, even while being under the Toyota corporate umbrella. RLM focuses on developing people and that starts with leaders. Why does a culture of continuous improvement start with small steps and not requiring ROI calculations for every improvement? We discuss how kaizen participation rates are a leading indicator of employee morale and how absenteeism and turnover are lagging indicators. We talk about that and more…

“Critique the process, not the people.”

Questions, Notes, and Highlights:

  • Tell us about Raymond Corporation and its place within Toyota Industries
  • The fit of products with Toyota branded forklifts?
  • Back in 2020 your title was TPS Manager — has some of the language evolved?
  • Minor differences? More English words, advising customers to do that and to own their own system
  • TPS House – foundations
  • Flow AND quality
  • Helping people unlearn??
  • “It’s about developing your people” —
  • If you can see a problem, you can solve a problem
  • “Critique the process, not the people”
  • Assumptions vs. real knowledge
  • “What are you hoping to achieve?” vs. “what problem are you trying to solve?”
  • Coat hooks – not requiring ROI? – starting with small steps
  • “You can’t put a meter on morale”
  • Utilizing fresh eyes and new employees for Kaizen
  • “problem seeing eyes”
  • Making it safe — problem speaking mouths?
  • How to help people feel safe to speak up?
  • Tell us about your “Microburst teaching” approach…
  • “You have to reinvent that safe environment every day” (psych safety)
  • How do leaders cultivate the conditions for people to learn from mistakes? Same habits for building trust and kaizen? Anything different?

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