Lean Blog — 504: Japan Study Trips: A Voyage of Leadership Discovery with Katie Anderson

My guest for Episode #504 of the Lean Blog Interviews Podcast is Katie Anderson, author of the book Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn.

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In this episode, Katie takes the reins along with me, Mark Graban, to discuss the transformative journey of Japan Study Trips. Recognized globally for its rich contributions to modern business practices, Japan has long been a beacon for leadership and continuous improvement. But how can one experience this powerful journey?

Strong leadership is integral to sustaining a culture of improvement. During these trips, participants get to hear from individuals like Katie Anderson, known for her insightful book “Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn.” Engaging with thought leaders deepens their understanding of the continuous learning process while expanding their networks. Not only they learn about the principles, they also meet and engage with their pioneers reflecting the deep connection between leadership and continuous learning.

These discussion illuminates the importance of a culture where mistakes are seen as stepping stones to innovation. Personal engagements with companies recognized for their Lean practices reaffirm the significance of ‘being over doing,’ making these trips a true journey of transformation and discovery.

Questions, Links, Notes, and Highlights:

  • Learn more about Katie’s November trip that I’m a part of
  • Mark’s website about Japan Tour
  • How can we shift focus from doing to being in order to create a culture where better results and output are achieved?
  • What role does continuous learning play in creating and fostering cultures of improvement and growth?
  • How do leaders in organizations prioritize being over doing to cultivate a mindset and culture of learning and improvement?
  • What are some common production principles and tools observed on shop floors, and how do they align with overall cultural objectives?
  • What are the behaviors that need to become standard across an organization to create a culture of kindness, constructive response, and continuous improvement?
  • How can leaders in various organizations and industries cultivate a mindset and culture of learning and improvement similar to those seen at Toyota?
  • What role does sharing knowledge, stories, and experiences play in enhancing learning and strengthening connections within an organization or across industries?
  • How do mistakes and constructive responses to them contribute to shaping a culture focused on learning and growth?

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