Lean Blog — 507: Lean Coaching for Lean Coaches: Sam Morgan Helps Mark Graban

My guest for Episode #503 of the Lean Blog Interviews Podcast is Sam Morgan of Illuminate Coaching + Consulting. He was previously a guest in Episode #457.

Episode page with video, transcript, and more

Today’s episode was originally live-streamed on April 9th… Sam’s. been doing a livestream series on “Lean Coaching for Lean Coaches.” So, in today’s episode, you’ll hear Sam coaching me… and then we’ll have a broader conversation about the work that he’s doing. We can all use a coach!

We embark on a deep dive into creating and harnessing a culture of continuous improvement and Lean in various industries, especially within the healthcare sector. The episode unfolds the role of Lean coaching and the evolution of continuous improvement to meet the current business dynamics.

Mark and Sam engage in a discussion on the intersection of psychological safety and effective continuous improvement. They discuss how creating an environment that facilitates incident reporting without fear of reprisal can lead to reduced adverse events, particularly in high-stakes industries like healthcare. This conversation serves as a guide for leaders to understand the importance of building a culture where openness is promoted, and trust leads to real-world enhancements.

Questions, Notes, and Highlights:

  • Going full time – leaving The Standard?
  • Entrepreneurial experiments?
  • People being coached in live format… and people watching?

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