Lean Blog Audio — 280: When Having a Process Improvement Idea Means You’re Weak?


I guess I’m wired for improvement. Or, it’s just become a habit. Or, it’s both.

I celebrate moments when I can identify an opportunity for improvement in my work. I tend to be pretty transparent about problems and even mistakes (like forgetting my socks).

The Toyota-ism of “No problems is a problem” resonates with me. Identifying a problem shouldn’t bring blame and shame… it’s the first step in improving the way work is done.

I’m fortunate that we’ve built a culture at KaiNexus where problems and opportunities are celebrated. It’s safe for people to speak up and problems lead to improvement, not punishment.

Our book Healthcare Kaizen shares stories and examples from organizations that have built a strong and sustained culture of continuous improvement. I almost take it for granted that improvement is a positive thing.

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