Lean Blog Audio — 293: Our Toyota Tour Guide’s Kaizen

From 2014 — http://www.leanblog.org/audio293

We had an excellent English-speaking tour guide for our visit (she lived in Hawaii at one point). As we talked through the facility (up in a “catwalk” that gave good visibility down into the process), she would occasionally stop at pre-determined points to explain something about the process or about the Toyota Production System and its elements.

At each stop, there was a box with a microphone and other audio/visual equipment and speakers. She didn’t have to carry a microphone with her.

The guide was carrying a bag, something between a briefcase and a large purse.

One of our sharp-eyed tour attendees, a Chief Medical Officer from a Canadian hospital, noticed a hook that she would hang her bag on while stopped and talking. He asked her about the hook.

Sure enough, it was a Kaizen improvement! And, it was her idea.

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