Lean Blog Audio — 300: One Doctor’s Troubling Experiences in the Emergency Department [Covid-19]


I had a phone conversation yesterday with an emergency medicine physician after her shift at an unnamed hospital in an undisclosed state.

She had a number of frustrations to share and she doesn’t really have an outlet (and doesn’t want her name out there for fear of retaliation). More importantly, this isn’t about one institution. She works in a well respected system. So this lack of preparedness and leadership could be widespread. When I posted my concerns about hospital preparedness for Covid-19, I guess they weren’t unfounded.

I’m sharing these concerns in a public way because I think it’s important to try to inspire other healthcare professionals and improvement specialists who CAN be on site to drive improvements.

I also hope it serves as a reminder to the public to NOT GO to the hospital unless it’s a life-or-death emergency right now. “When should I go to the hospital?” and more questions were be covered in a webinar that was done on Wednesday. Listen, watch, or read a synopsis here.

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