Lean Blog Audio — Bring Mark Graban to Speak at Your Health System’s Quarterly Leadership Forum

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I recently spoke and facilitated at a health system's quarterly leadership forum event on the topic of “Psychological Safety as a Pre-Condition for Continuous Improvement.” It was very well received, and I'm very passionate about the need for leaders to help every team member believe that it's both safe and effective to speak up in the workplace.

Psychological Safety plus Problem Solving is a very powerful combination.

Let me know if you'd be open to a brief conversation on collaborating for your next leadership forum or another executive event. I'm keen to share insights that can further empower your team and take your improvement journey to the next level.

Learn more here and let me know if this would help your healthcare organization (or any organization outside of healthcare):

Transforming Healthcare Leadership: Cultivate Psychological Safety for Unprecedented Continuous Improvement

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