Lean Blog Audio — Congrats to Four Podcast Guests Who Were Named to the “Thinkers50” List

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Congratulations to my podcast(s) guests who were named to the Thinkers50 list of influential management thinkers!

I am thrilled to extend my heartiest congratulations to a remarkable group of individuals who have recently graced the stages of my podcasts, “Lean Blog Interviews” and “My Favorite Mistake.” These brilliant minds have been recognized on the prestigious Thinkers50 list for their groundbreaking contributions to the field of management thinking. Each has shared their invaluable insights with us, and it's a true honor to see them receive this well-deserved accolade.
⭐ Amy Edmondson (both podcasts)
⭐ Erica Dhawan (MFM)
⭐ Daniel Pink (both podcasts)
⭐ Zeynep Ton (Lean podcast, twice)

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