Lean Blog Audio — Highlights of “Boss Level Podcast” – Gen. Stan McChrystal

Highlights of “Boss Level Podcast” – Gen. Stan McChrystal and the Book “Team of Teams”

I’ve read most of retired General Stanley McChrystal’s excellent book Team of Teams: New Rules of Engagement for a Complex World (I start a lot of books and finish a few). Amazon reminds me that I bought the book just over two years ago.

I meant to blog about it and never got around to it (I have a lot of ideas about posts and write a few). McChrystal, in connecting his lessons learned from helping reshape the military and, in particular, the special forces, to the business world ends up talking a lot about issues and history near and dear to those of us working with Lean as a methodology.

I’ll come back to my thoughts on the book later, but I was thrilled to stumble across a podcast called “Boss Level Podcast,” which is hosted by Sami Honkonen from Finland.

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