Lean Blog Audio — 314: Improvements to the Covid Vaccination Process — Small and Large (and Hockey Hubs)

Blog post: https://www.leanblog.org/audio314

In this era of Covid–19 vaccination, I’m still pretty much sidelined and not on site with any clients, although I did get to visit two mass vaccination sites (in addition to the one that vaccinated me).

I have tried really hard to be a cheerleader for continuous improvement and, in particular, for sharing continuous improvement ideas through the free VacciNexus platform and through other channels.

I believe, of course, in the power of many, many small improvements being driven by front line staff and their managers. That’s the focus of my Healthcare Kaizen books. I also realize there’s a time and a place for process re-design and for being innovative (thinking of it as step-change improvement.

In this post, I share and discuss improvements large and small.

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