Lean Blog Audio — Jim Womack on the Term “Lean” & Eric Ries on “Lean Startup”

Last Monday, I had the chance to attend a Lean Startup event in Austin where Eric Ries announced the launch of a Kickstarter project for a new book. 10 days ago isn’t much of a “throwback,” but bear with me.He was asked a question from the audience: “Do you wish you had used a different name than Lean Startup to resonate more broadly?”

Before we get to Eric’s answer, I thought back to me asking Jim Womack that same question about the term “Lean.” When I worked for LEI back in 2009, I asked Jim casually and he said basically, “It’s just a word” or something like that.

But, I got a longer response to this question from Jim back in Podcast #118, in 2011 (which makes it more of a real throwback now).

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