Lean Blog Audio — Kindle Pre-Orders Open for “The Mistakes That Make Us” — Enter to Win Signed Paperback

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If you're interested in my upcoming book (available June XX, date TBD), The Mistakes That Make Us: Cultivating a Culture of Learning and Innovation, the Kindle edition is available to be pre-ordered now through Amazon!

The date is set as June 27th, but it will likely be available sooner. Amazon (and their KDP platform) make it easier to pull a date forward… and they punish you for pushing a date back.

The book will also be available at the same time in paperback and hardcover formats. I'm going to work on an audiobook version over the summer.

Amazon also makes it more difficult for me to make a paperback or hardcover book available for pre-order. But again, I think it will be on sale early- to mid-June.

You can also enter this contest to win a free signed copy of the paperback edition.

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