Lean Blog Audio — Lean Leadership in Action: CEO Larry Culp’s Journey to Revitalize GE at the Gemba

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As I recently shared on LinkedIn, I really appreciated the annual shareholder letter that was published and shared by Larry Culp, who has been CEO of General Electric for just over five years now (the first-ever outsider CEO in their 125+ year history).

Read the full letter here. I've also archived it here as a PDF.

First off, I can't help but notice that the photo shared at the end of the letter is not a corporate headshot of Larry in a power suit and tie. It's a photo from a “gemba” (or factory floor) with him wearing safety glasses, a casual shirt, and a high-visibility vest.

He certainly looks to be in his element and enjoying it. How rare is that amongst CEOs of manufacturing companies of any size? How much better off would other manufacturers (or healthcare organizations) be if they had CEOs who don't just sponsor or support Lean, but are instead leading and driving the culture change? How many hospital CEOs truly enjoy donning PPE to be at the frontlines of patient care?

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