Lean Blog Audio — Let’s Play Match Game ’15 – Suggestion Box Edition

I guess this counts as a “Flashback Friday,” as I was reminded of an old game show that I loved as a kid: Match Game. I was too young to fully appreciate the show, I guess, but I remember it fondly and love watching old reruns (you can find episodes on YouTube).Last week, I read this article: “A happy workforce is a productive one.”

You’ll certainly get no argument from me on that!

Well, I think “engagement” is more important than happiness, as happiness might possibly be superficial. But I’ve long said that an engaged workforce is the key to success in an organization.

I thought the article got off track when the author brought up suggestion boxes. Oh no. Suggestion boxes never work.

So I took a line from the article and posed it as a Match Game type question on Twitter:

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