Lean Blog Audio — More on “Motivational Interviewing” as a Method for


Back in December, I wrote about a method called “Motivational Interviewing” (MI), something I learned about from a social worker who was also at the Lean Startup Conference. It’s funny how these worlds intersect sometimes.I saw parallels between people being addicted to food, drugs, or what have you (the reason the MI method was created) and people being addicted to old behaviors in the workplace (such as blaming others, not planning, or jumping in to be the hero). I recently ran across Ron Oslin, who is an internal Lean coach at CapitalOne. He has been using the MI method and has trademarked the phrase “addicted to the status quo.” It’s apt.

I’ve chatted with Ron and will be doing a podcast with him soon.

Here is a video webinar of Ron giving a great overview of Motivational Interviewing:

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