Lean Blog Audio — Parody: Keith Olber-Lean and the


In this post, I’ll be presenting a parody video of Keith Olbermann’s “worst persons in the sports world” videos.I don’t know how much overlap there is in people who read my blog and people who are fans of Olbermann. I’ve always been a big fan of Olbermann the sports guy… Olbermann the political commentator not so much. But, “the worst persons in the world” is a bit that he’s done on MSNBC and ESPN.

In this video, I’m playing a character… a parody you might call Keith Olber-Lean. I’ll be taking some shots at people… naming names as the tongue-in-cheek “worst persons in the Lean world.”

This video might seem mean spirited. I’m not normally this mean spirited on my blog, although I’ve made comments about these issues and people before (worse, worser, and worst).

Olbermann often seems mean spirited. But, he’s entertaining and usually makes a serious point through humor. I’ll try to do the same here. The serious points I’m making are:

Lean leaders and consultants should be humble… that’sthe Toyota style
Lean office initiatives should solve real problems that matter for customers and employees (not create situations like this)
It’s factually untrue to say that Lean is only about speed and that Six Sigma is the only method for Quality. Lean is about both quality and flow (read more)

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