Lean Blog Audio — Psychological Safety: Ensuring Every Voice is Heard, Not Necessarily Followed

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Psychological Safety means everybody gets their say, but it doesn't mean you get your way.

Psychological Safety is an individual's belief, feeling, or perception that it's safe for them to speak up in a situation.

When people are rewarded for speaking candidly, that leads to rigorous debate and better decisions.

Psychological Safety doesn't mean freedom from being challenged or disagreed with.

It doesn't turn the workplace into a democracy and it doesn't mean you need 100% agreement to move forward on anything.

Psychological Safety means you can disagree with your manager or a peer… and they have the safety to disagree in return.

Psychological Safety doesn't mean shutting down a discussion because you feel uncomfortable.

What practices and behaviors have you seen in a workplace that cultivate Psychological Safety? What are some examples of rewarding people for speaking up candidly?

To me, it comes down to three high-level countermeasures for leaders:

  • Modeling candor, vulnerability, and the behaviors you want to see
  • Encouraging candor
  • Rewarding candor

In summary, Psychological Safety is the foundation of a healthy and productive workplace. It ensures that everyone has the opportunity to voice their thoughts and concerns without fear of retribution, even if it doesn't always mean getting their way.

Again, Psychological Safety means everybody gets their say, but it doesn't mean you get your way.

When leaders model, encourage, and reward candor, it fosters an environment where rigorous debate leads to better decision-making and continuous improvement. By adopting practices that promote Psychological Safety, such as open communication, constructive feedback, and a growth mindset, organizations can unlock the full potential of their teams.

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