Lean Blog Audio — This WSJ Article About Lean Isn’t Terrible (via GE and Larry Culp)

Blog post: https://www.leanblog.org/audio318

The Wall Street Journal has an epic track record when it comes to always getting it wrong when they write about Lean or the Toyota Production System. They always focus on just the “just in time” pillar, ignoring “jidoka” (built in quality) as the other pillar (per Toyota). They ignore many other aspects of TPS, like the culture and the management style.

See some of that track record, including recent pandemic supply chain articles.

You’re normally better off reading about Lean from the source.

But, they did better in this recent article about General Electric and CEO Larry Culp (who knows Lean very well from his time as CEO of Danaher):

Larry Culp Rewired GE. Then He Unwound It.

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