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My wife and I are getting ready to leave tomorrow night for a two week vacation, so it jogged my memory about this story I saw back in December in the WSJ: Airlines Try to Make Coach Classier. Anything that makes long flights more bearable is good news to me.One detail that caught my attention in the WSJ article was this:

“Etihad is rolling out new economy features taken from business and first class. There’s nighttime turndown service–flight attendants put the window shade down, put a blanket over the passenger and offer hot chocolate or camomile tea.

There’s a new coach amenity kit coming, with a sleep mask that’s green on one side if you want someone to wake you up for breakfast and red on the other if you want to sleep as long as possible. The amenity kit doubles as a storage pouch for eyeglasses and stray pocket items you don’t want to sleep on.”

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