Lean Blog Audio — Who Ever Asks “Let’s Plus/Delta That Visit / Stay”?

It’s a pretty common facilitation technique to do a “plus / delta” discussion at the end of a meeting, exercise, etc.In the plus column go the things that went well, were enjoyable, were helpful, and should repeated.

The “deltas” (which is meant to seem more positive than saying “minuses,” I guess) are the things that could be improved upon. A “delta” is a gap between where you are and where you want to be.

After being in the doctor’s office for just over an hour, nobody said “let’s plus / delta your visit before you go.” That never happens in a clinic setting. At best, you might get some sort of survey after the fact. But, the point of a good constructive “plus / delta” discussion is to give immediate feedback to those who might be able to make some improvements.

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