Lean Blog Audio — Would the WSJ Blame “Just in Time” for the Stanley Cup


The Wall St Journal loves writing about how “Just In Time” (JIT) is a risky inventory strategy. See my past posts about how the WSJ is so often wrong on this.The WSJ seem to only understand Lean as JIT, as opposed to seeing Lean as a broader methodology and management system. JIT is just one component of the Toyota Production System (built-in quality being the other). See Toyota’s website for info straight from the source.

Whenever there is a highly unusual event, like the Japanese earthquake and tsunami, the WSJ will say “see, just in time doesn’t work.” Well, keeping a lot of inventory stored in a warehouse isn’t a good strategy if an earthquake or tornado hits the warehouse.

The Stanley Cup Was Late!

Even though I’m a Detroit Red Wings fan,I can say congrats to the Chicago Blackhawks for winning the Stanley Cup Finals in the NHL. Chicago was ahead in the series meaning they were in a position to put the series away last Monday night, playing at home.

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