Lean Blog Interviews — 1: Norm Bodek, Suggestions *

Author & President of PCS Press

Remastered June 2021 (the best I could do with a 2006 recording)

Show notes: HTTP://www.leanblog.org/1 

Here is my first LeanBlog Podcast, featuring author and consultant Norman Bodek, President of PCS Press. For more information, please visit www.leanblog.org. There, you can find show notes and can comment on the podcast. Norman Bodek, of PCS Press, discusses the history and evolution of kaizen and continuous improvement. He details the history of Toyota’s employee suggestion system and how it has evolved, in Japan and North America, along with some tips for running a suggestion system of your own. If you have feedback, visit www.leanblog.org, email leanpodcast@gmail.com, or leave a voicemail by contacting skype id “mgraban” or by phoning (817) 776-LEAN (817.776.5326).