Lean Blog Interviews — 230: Paul DeChant, MD, MBA on Reducing Burnout Through Lean

Joining me for episode #230 is Paul DeChant, MD, MBA to talk about reducing burnout, especially physician burnout, through Lean. Paul (see his bio here) is the former CEO of Sutter Gould Medical Foundation, a 300-physician multispecialty medical group in California’s Central Valley. Before that, he had stints at organizations including Geisinger Health System and the Palo Alto Medical Foundation. He is now a consultant and executive coach for Simpler Healthcare. For a link to this episode, refer people to www.leanblog.org/230. In the podcast, we talk about questions and topics including: Tell us about your career… how did you get involved in healthcare leadership and how did you get exposed to Lean? What problems or opportunities were you trying to address with Lean? How did you see your role and participation as CEO? As a physician leader? You recently wrote a blog post “why is physician engagement even an issue?” How would you describe the current state of life for an MD before Lean? Can Lean help prevent burnout for MDs or others? Is there a point where somebody gets “too burned out” and can’t be turned?