Lean Blog Interviews — 235: Sam MacPherson, The Green Beret Way to the Toyota Way

For the episode and more details, visit http://www.leanblog.org/audio235. If you’ve been a listener of my LeanBlog Podcast series, you might know that I normally record conversations and then publish them into the podcast feed. Today, I’m going to do my first live broadcast of a podcast discussion via the “Blab.im” streaming platform. My guest is Sam MacPherson and we are talking about Lean leadership, including his lessons learned from his time as a Green Beret. Topics Include: Differences between Special Forces (The Green Berets) and the rest of the military Similarities between “The Green Beret Way” and The Toyota Way – shockingly similar Command and Control vs. Leadership “Commander’s Intent” Misconceptions regarding military leadership and industry leadership Lean transformation – you current leadership style and skills wont cut it!