Lean Blog Interviews — 242: Hospital Staff & Leaders Talk About the Culture of Kaizen

Episode #242 is unique in that it’s a collection of audio clips from videos that Joe Swartz and I shot in late 2014 at his health system, Franciscan St. Francis Health in Indianapolis. In the videos, a number of nurses and leaders talk about continuous improvement in a way that’s fun, wise, and inspirational. As we did last year, Joe and I are hosting a learning event at his system called “Kaizen Live!” where you have a chance to see and hear what a culture of continuous improvement is really like. We hope you’ll join us April 5 & 6 for the main experience (where we’ll be out visiting departments instead of spending all of our time in a conference center) and we have some optional classes on April 4. We hope you enjoy the stories and reflections here in the podcast.